Aarudhra Restaurant - Veg and Non-Veg Family restaurant in Chennai

Aarudhra Restaurant

We offer a wide range of delectable cuisines, including North Indian, Chinese, Seafood, and Arabian, all of which are delicious and of high quality. The numerous ingredients they employ are fresh and promptly provide guests with a soul-satisfying taste. The restaurant's informal atmosphere is lively and lovely. The budget-friendly menu was created with great care to ensure that every meal served retains the flavour and spirit of the cuisines, and it includes Barbeque foods as well.



Aarudhra Restaurant is one of the best family restaurant in Chennai. Aarudhra Restaurant offers a unique blend of world grill and traditional buffet, as well as a live wish grill. Aarudhra Restaurant is Chennai's greatest family restaurant, with locations in Ayapakkam and Mogappair, Chennai. At Aarudhra Restaurant experience a new level of foods with our delicious and appetizing vegetarian and non vegetarian best food restaurant in Chennai and Enjoy the flavour of world delicacies at our South indian providing mutton chettinadu curry, mutton nali curry, Chicken Biriyani, Mutton biriyani, and much more at Aarudhra Restaurant. Aarudhra Restaurant's main feature is their live grill, which allows diners to roast their own skewers directly at their table. With mouthwatering entrees like Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, and much more, our tasty and appealing BBQ lunch and dinner buffet menu is sure to satisfy your appetite. The lively atmosphere and friendly employees will leave an indelible impression on you and everyone else.

Why should you choose us?

For optimal food safety, it is fundamental that all employees wash hands before preparing and handling food and when shifting between tasks. Wash thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds..

Sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces, including prep areas, cutting boards, equipment, storage areas, trash cans, and floor drains, should be an important part of your food safety regimen.Allow the area to air dry.

All fruit and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to rid of any bacteria and dirt that may be on your produce. The only exception is produce that is pre-packaged and labeled as pre-washed.

Cross-contamination occurs when harmful bacteria, allergens, or other microorganisms transfer from one object to another unintentionally. Though often invisible to the human eye, the results of this process.